Why you should consider including salmon in your diet

Why you should consider including salmon in your dietWhy you should consider including salmon in your diet

You'll want to add more salmon into your diet after seeing these easy to make salmon recipes from Sharefood!

Salmon fish is an extremely nutritious food to include in your diet. In fact, it is the salmon nutritional benefits that should interest you into indulging this fatty fish more. Here are 11 reasons explaining why.

Salmon nutritional benefits

1. Has high content of omega-3

And unlike other fats found, this is one fat that is essential to your diet because your body is incapable of creating it. The good news is that by eating at least two servings of salmon per week, this will help you meet your dietary needs. Studies have shown that eating the actual fish is just as effective as taking fish oil capsules, if not better.

2. Quality protein

Other salmon nutritional benefits include it being a very high-quality protein option.

Protein plays an important role in nourishing your body like helping it to repair itself after an injury, protecting bone health and maintaining muscle mass especially during weight loss and as you age. But if you're bored of the same usual salmon steak meal, why not try this baked salmon cake sandwich? You can always keep the remaining salmon cakes as a quick snack or a quick boost of protein. They can keep quite well and you can reheat them whenever you want to eat them.

3. Rich in B Vitamins

Salmon is also a great source of vitamin B which is needed when turning your food into energy. Vitamin B is also crucial for DNA creation and repair while reducing inflammation that could lead to heart disease.

4. Good Source of Potassium

Another benefit is its high potassium content, especially in wild salmon. Potassium plays an important role in controlling your blood pressure and reducing your risk for stroke.

When paired with a high-sodium diet, studies have shown that potassium can reduce blood pressure significantly by lowering excess water retention.

This fusion brown rice encrusted salmon steak with a side of garden salad is the perfect meal for that. Veggies are also a great source of potassium. Try and make it for yourself at home!

5. Selenium

Not only does selenium benefit bone health, but it is also great for people with autoimmune thyroid disease. By eating salmon that is high in selenium, this can help reduce thyroid antibodies. There are even studies on how it can possibly reduce the risk of cancer in men.

6. Contains astaxanthin

Astaxanthin found in salmon have been found to be able to lower the risk of heart disease by reducing oxidation of bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. And if you want to repair skin damage and look younger, you might want to add salmon into your diet because there are claims that astaxanthin may be able to help.

7. Help reduce the risk of heart disease

Aside from the long list of salmon nutritional benefits, did you know that getting your weekly quota of salmon can help protect against heart disease?

The reason for this is the high omega-3 fatty acid which balances out omega-6 fatty acids present in the bloodstream of most people. Research is suggesting that when there is no balance between these two omega fatty acids, the risk of heart disease would increase.

So why not get your weekly salmon nutritional benefits by trying this baked salmon with crusted pistachio? It is a great combination of sweet and savoury thanks to the added honey. This recipe is easy, what's more, it's oil free!

8. Could help with weight control

If you're on keto or a low carb high-fat diet, then the salmon is a great option for you. Think of quality protein you'll be eating and healthy fish oil! It is definitely a healthier choice than bacon!

9. Delicious and super quick to cook

When salmon is bought fresh they are extremely delicious whether cooked or raw. Just be sure to purchase sashimi grade salmon if you're planning to have it raw. But aside from salmon nutritional benefits, they also cook really fast. You can have a meal ready in 20 minutes! And because it is such an oily fish, it would also cook beautifully in the oven or airfryer with no extra oil needed.

But if you use smaller or thinner cuts of salmon, you can cook them even faster like this pan-seared salmon with pineapple salsa!

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Written by

Rosanna Chio