Find your forever Matinong bae over Sebastian's Ice Cream Valentine Collection

Find your forever Matinong bae over Sebastian's Ice Cream Valentine Collection

Single ladies, this is your chance to get yourself a matinong boyfriend this Valentine's Day.

Single and ready to mingle? Here’s your chance to get the “ideal” valentine with Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Valentine Collection which is available for the whole month of February!

Sebastian’s ice cream: Matinong boyfriend, matinong girlfriend, closure and unresolved issues.

Since 2014, the Valentine Collection of Sebastien’s ice cream has remained popular at this time of year. Not just because of the delicious flavours, but also because of the cute names!

It began as an inside joke between Sebastian’s Head Sobertero and a friend who suggested Sebastian’s next hit flavour would be called “Matinong” (sensible) boyfriend. But what turned out as a tongue-in-cheek comment stuck, and they went ahead with developing the range.

Two flavours were borne from this conversation – Matinong Boyfriend and Matinong Girlfriend. Single people could claim they found a sensible boyfriend or girlfriend when buying the trendy ice cream!

The following year, two additional flavours called “Closure” and “Unresolved Issues” were released. These were a good way to address any issues to patch up relationships!

Since then, these four flavour names have featured in Sebastien’s Ice Cream Valentine Collection. But the actual flavours change each year.

sebastian's ice cream

Image | Sebastian’s Ice Cream

This year’s edition of Matinong Boyfriend is Almond Butter Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with a Blackberry compote ripple. And the Matinong Girlfriend tastes of Cheese Ice Cream with Cheese White Chocolate-dipped potato chips, pretzels and multigrain chips.

sebastian's ice cream

Image | Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Closure is an interesting mix of black tea with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and black peppercorns (spicy!). 

While Unresolved Issues is a playful ampalaya sorbet with candied ampalaya bits!

Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Valentine’s Day collection is available until 28 February 2019.

Written by

Vinnie Wong