6 simple Christmas recipes from Sharefood

6 simple Christmas recipes from Sharefood

Make these super easy Christmas recipes with some help from Sharefood

It is that time of the year where everyone is in a buzz to welcome Christmas and gearing up to wrap up the end of the year. And you can bet that there will be a lot of feasting leading all the way into the new year. 

But let's tackle Christmas first. Are you stressing over Christmas recipes because you are unsure of what to cook? Believe it or not, just by adding a few ingredients synonymous to Christmas is enough to make things festive. Otherwise, you can always draw inspiration from these Christmas themed food and make yours look festive.

Christmas is a time to be happy, so do not stress and don't sweat the small stuff. Homecooked food can be as simple as you make it to be. And thanks to Sharefood, you'll be cooking up a storm confidently this Christmas.

Dinner party worthy Christmas recipes

1. Mouthwatering Christmas Baked Turkey with Bacon

If you're only serving a small crowd then there's no reason to cook an entire turkey because who's going to eat all of it? But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same thing in a smaller package. Try this simple Christmas baked boneless turkey breast covered with crispy bacon that is enough to serve 7 - 8 people! And since you don't need to worry about leftovers, why not go all the way and add in all the extra trimmings. That includes gravy, mashed potatoes, baked veggies, stuffing — the whole nine yards.

2. Chocolate and Coffee Christmas Log Cake

Do not feel intimidated when you see people bringing log cakes when there's a dinner party. Although there are many ways to make a log cake, there are several Christmas recipes and you can choose one according to your skill level. We love this one from Sharefood because they make it so easy for you to attempt this at home. Watch how they turn this simple spring roll cake recipe and decorate it into a Christmas log cake with chocolate ganache frosting! You bet your guests would scrapping all that goodness from their plates!.

3. Cold Sesame Chicken Salad

Let's not forget our greens this Christmas and since we're already stuffing our faces with a lot of ang moh food why not add a little Asian twist with this Cold Sesame Chicken Salad from Sharefood? This is a super fast salad to put together and is totally Keto friendly if you replace the brown sugar with Stevia. And don't be afraid to replace the chicken with fried tempeh or even seasoned fried tofu cubes if you're a vegetarian. We also like the Christmas vibe going on with the contrasting cucumber and carrot spirals.

4. Baked Salmon with Crusted Pistachio

You don't necessarily need to have the usual ham or turkey as your main at Christmas parties. Fish is great too, especially if its salmon with its many nutritious values. But you can make this dish festive because nuts are something we enjoy every Christmas, both in food and desserts. Pistachios are one of those nuts and we really love this ingenious pairing of the mildly toasted light green crushed pistachio nuts encrusted against the delicate orangey flesh of the salmon. Just think of the festival of textures happening in the mouths of your guests!

5. Christmas Boiled Fruit and Nuts Cake

We know how convenient it is to buy store bought fruitcakes for Christmas, but the great part about making them at home is having the luxury of adding more of what you love (like more booze for instance) and omit what you don't want. You'll also get to control how much sugar goes in and tinker with the sugar to fruit ratio so that the booze can really stand out. Reconstituting the dried fruits is easy because they are cooked over the stove. There's no waiting and leaving anything to steep in liquor overnight to get this cake going. Full gratification in a fraction of the time is always good!

6. Christmas bread pudding

Last but not least, we can't possibly go through Christmas without good ol' bread and butter pud. And Sharefood's recipe even includes chocolate chips with a hint of Dutch cocoa. But to top it all off and make it even more Christmasy, drizzle with cinnamon flavoured custard and generous scoops of ice cream.


This article is done in partnership with Sharefood Singapore. We love how they have simplified Christmas recipes for us to make at home. For more recipes like these, check out Sharefood on Facebook.

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Rosanna Chio