22 Singapore breakfast meals to try

22 Singapore breakfast meals to try

How to start your day right at the Lion City of Asia?

As a cultural melting pot, Singapore breakfast meals are as diverse as its people. You can expect noodles, rice dishes, eggs with toast usually served on the table, the list just never ends! Here are some of the meals that you can eat when the sun rises at the Lion City of Asia! (No worries, it’s not all meat.)

22 Delicious Singapore breakfast meals

1. Kaya toast

This is Singapore’s version of jam and bread. Kaya is a jam made from egg, coconut and pandan. It is best paired with toasted bread with a little salty note of melted butter on top!

Fun fact: Kaya toast is considered as a national breakfast since it is served at every *kopitiam in Singapore!

*Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop.

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2. Soft-cooked Eggs

If kaya toast is Jack, a soft-cooked egg is Jill. These two just go hand in hand. If you are into runny yolks with cloudy yet tasty whites, this dish is for you!

Tip: Try brushing your toast over the runny egg yolk, it’s simply the best!

3. Nasi Lemak

A rice dish of Malay descent which literally means “rich rice” in English translation. Nasi Lemak is a festive dish indeed as its rice alone is made delicious by coconut milk and fresh pandan.

Around the pile of flavourful rice can be anything! You can have deep-fried fish or chicken, grilled fish paste, fried local anchovies, peanuts, slices of cucumber, eggs, and sambal for added spice.

4. Lor Mee

Lor Mee is a noodle dish of Chinese inspiration. It has flat yellow noodles and a thick gravy which is made of cornstarch, spices, and eggs.

Slices of fried pork cutlets, fish cakes, dumplings, and hard-boiled egg can be added on your noodle bowl as well. Singapore breakfast can be a feast in a bowl!

5. Carrot Cake

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Singapore’s carrot cake, also known as Chai tow kway, is carrot-less, at least not the orange variety. Unusual, I know. But this is actually the norm when it comes to a Singapore breakfast table.

Carrot cake’s core ingredients are rice flour and white radish which some call white carrot. The concoction is then steamed, cut into cubes, fried with garlic, eggs and “chai poh” or preserved radish.

6. Fish Ball Mee

Fish Ball Noodles is a usual breakfast fare in Singapore. The fish balls are bouncy and slightly sweet while the broth is light and flavourful which is enhanced by chilli paste.

7. Chee Cheong Fun

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Chee Cheong Fun or glutinous rice roll is a famous type of dim sum which is either sold hawker style or served at home. It is made with rice flour and water, placed in a square sheet of cloth and steamed for a few seconds.

The rice roll turns out to be silky, soft and delicate. You can choose the stuffing of your choice from char siew, prawns, mushrooms, and chicken. Sweet soya sauce and chili makes this Singapore breakfast tasty and fun!

8. Mee Goreng

This noodle dish is created by frying thin yellow noodles in cooking oil with garlic, onion, fried prawn, thin slices of chicken, beef, bakso (meatballs), chilli, cabbage, tomatoes, egg, and many more! It is a one-dish type of breakfast that you can easily find in homes, street hawker’s stalls, to high-end restaurants.

9. Rice Porridge

Rice Porridge or congee is a popular dish in Asia. It can be served plain, with side dishes, or cuts of meat, mushrooms, and other greens. It is a hearty bowl of rice that can warm up your tummy for the day!

10. Roti Prata

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In Hindi language, Roti Prata literally means “bread flat”. This Asian pancake is made by frying flattened dough flavored with ghee and served with either fish or mutton curry.

Roti Prata can be enjoyed any time of the day, including breakfast, yet some dessert versions are made where cheese, chocolate, ice cream, and fruits are added.

11. Beef Brisket Noodles

Your day will never go wrong with a hot bowl of noodles where the beef comes meltingly soft and thick broth with notes of anise.  Add dry chili oil and wish that you can have breakfast all day long.

12. Assorted Buns

You can enjoy your morning coffee with a bamboo basket of assorted buns! They can be plain, coffee flavoured or filled with classic stuffing like pulled barbecue pork, lotus paste, or red bean paste.

13. Curry Laksa

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Laksa is a Peranakan culture, the combination of Chinese and Malay cuisines. Curry Laksa is the predominant version in Singapore that you can enjoy for breakfast. It is made with vermicelli, coconut milk, beancurd puffs, fish slices, shrimp, and cockles. A seafood rich and flavourful Singapore breakfast will surely start your day right! It's so good that culinary icon, the late Anthony Bourdain even dubbed Laksam as the "Breakfast of the Gods."

14. Appam

Appam is an Indian delicacy that resembles a pancake. It is made from rice, coconut milk, sugar, salt, yeast, and oil. Appam is usually served with grated coconut, coconut chutney, and spiced orange palm sugar.

It may be a simple meal, but you get all of your senses excited as it is sweet, salty, sour, fluffy, crispy, and creamy all at the same time!

15. Min Jiang Kueh

Another pancake on our Singapore breakfast table that you can enjoy on the go! Traditionally, Min Jiang Kueh is filled with crushed roasted nuts, but modern tweaks are made, and you can now eat it with red bean paste, grated coconut, cheese or chocolate.

16. Steamed Yam Cake

This tasty and satisfying breakfast cake is a perfect source of energy to start your day! It is made of yam cubes, rice flour, dried shrimp, and fried shallots for aroma and flavor. You can also add sauces like sweet-salty hoisin and chili sauce to make it more interesting.

17. Bee Hoon

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Bee Hoon is stir-fried with minced garlic, slices of pork, prawns, liver, squid, bean sprouts, cabbage and rice vermicelli in a wok. Gravy or infused stock of light/dark soy sauce, water, sugar, and salt is added as well for extra flavor and texture.

18. Youtiao

Eating a stack of Youtiao is a funky way of starting your day! This is also known as Chinese fried churros. Yep, Singapore breakfast doughnut style! It is lightly salted and is a great accompaniment for your hot bowl of rice congee, soy milk, or regular milk with sugar.

19. Thosai

A vegan breakfast that you can enjoy in Singapore! This type of pancake is cooked crispy from fermented rice and lentils. Thosai is then served with curries on the side and spicy potato for filling.

20. Kacang Phool

Kacang phool is a humble underrated Singapore breakfast. It is a bean infused gravy with minced beef, chopped onions, fresh green chilies, and sunny side up on top! Fresh slices of white bread is served on the side for dipping. I bet you can enjoy this for an afternoon snack as well!

21. Dim Sum

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These tiny stuffed pockets of rice or flour wrappers can surely get you out of bed. Your fingers won’t be enough to count the dim sum flavors and types that you can eat! You can have pulled pork buns, the famous Xiao Long Bao, Siew Mai, and many more!

22. Chwee Kueh

Chwee Kueh is a popular steamed rice Singapore breakfast item which is topped with diced preserved radish and chilli sauce.

Above are samples of native and interesting Singapore breakfast that you can try! Told yah, your morning meal at the Lion City of Asia is not all meat! *wink*

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Written by

Criselle Nunag