Design ideas for small bathrooms

Design ideas for small bathroomsDesign ideas for small bathrooms

Never think that you will be limited if you only have a small bathroom space living in Singapore. Below are some small bathroom ideas that can help you maximise space and have an impressive bathroom all at the same time.

Small bathroom ideas for small spaces

1. Ultra minimalist

small bathroom ideas

Image | linehansdesign

You don’t really need a lot of storage space in the bathroom, so keep things to a minimum. But if you do need some storage, make sure they are wall mounted so that they create nice clean lines.

2. White walls with dark tiles

While most small bathroom ideas suggest that a wash-out-white bathroom will make the room brighter and lighter, it can lack character and depth. Trick your eyes by adding some dark coloured tiles to your bathroom or even black patterned tiles on the walls or ceiling even. This will give your small bathroom that added “wow” factor it really needs.

3. Add a massive window if you dare

small bathroom ideas

Image | seachromeusa

To let in more natural light. More light equals the illusion of a bigger space. There are ways to include a floor to ceiling open window without compromising your modesty unless of course, you’re actually into that.

4. Small but ornamental

Don’t limit yourself to only a few small bathroom ideas because smaller bathrooms mean you get to splurge on more impressive fixtures. Think marble, and gold coloured accents to make your small bathroom look lux.

5. Pastel and neutral colours

small bathroom ideas

The best part about neutral colours is that it goes well with just about any other decorating style which gives you more room to work with. You can then play with patterns and other fixtures to make things a little more interesting.

6. Use a seamless glass shower door

Do your best not to close off your shower area with walls. Use seamless glass shower doors or even rounded ones that do not cut off your space. They also have less mould buildup and are easier to clean.

7. Built-in storage

small bathroom ideas

Image | bcp_building

Know where you can save space because you will need to prioritise. If you want a big tub, then make sure you’re saving space like incorporating these built-in shelves in the wall to store your products and shampoos.

8. Play with texture and patterns

small bathroom ideas

Image | solusceramics

Some small bathroom ideas may suggest that you keep patterns and textures to a minimum so that everything doesn’t look too cluttered and “busy” looking. To some extent that could be true. But if you incorporate them correctly, this will also help add depth and trick your eyes into thinking you have more space than you truly have.

9. Add giant mirrors

small bathroom ideas

Image | g.konsept

Mirrors do wonders at giving the illusion of more space. It is one of the small bathroom ideas that is easiest to adopt. Want to add more space? Just add on more mirrors, even better if they are full-length mirrors that run from the top of the ceiling down to the floor.

10. A standout piece

Think about adding a standout piece like a sink or a bathtub. In this case, it is a beautiful rainshower with a faux skylight. If you think it is not possible to add lux into a small bathroom think again.


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Written by

Rosanna Chio