Design inspirations: Small desks for small spaces

Design inspirations: Small desks for small spacesDesign inspirations: Small desks for small spaces

Check out these design ideas on setting up a home office with limited space.

Even when you only have a small space to work with, this doesn’t mean that you cannot squeeze in a home office. It doesn’t always need to be grand and lux. Instead, it can be functional by incorporating small desks that work for the space you have.

Quite honestly you can get by without much — just a place tucked away for you to tackle bills, paperwork or an urgent email, here are some design inspirations for small desks to fit any situation.

Small desks for small spaces

1. A floating desk

small desks

Image credit | laurielandsness

Make full use of that natural lighting from the window by using a floating desk to reduce the look of clutter. And when you have a corridor style window to the outdoor like this you really don’t want to block off any of the light by piling up your stuff.

2. A tiny workstation

small desks

Image credit | organizerjanet

Don’t worry if you really have a tiny workstation. A workstation is still a workstation even with small desks and placed at the end of your kitchen. As long as it serves its purpose size does not matter.

3. Make your desk “disappear”

small desks

Image credit | natalieirwindesign

If your small space already has a lot going on and you don’t want your home office to stick out like a sore thumb then consider getting one that is see-through and push it against the wall. You can even take it a step further and get a matching chair. What this does is really open up the space and the illusion of fewer things in the house.

4. L desks

small desks

Image credit | houzzuk

Make full use of all the corners if you have an oddly shaped unit with L shaped desks or desks that wrap all around the corner. Not only will you have the freedom to choose where to sit but also you will have ample surface area for books, storage and other things.

5. Desk shelves

small desks

Image credit | kiellandhome

Get small desks that do double duty like this desk cum shelve that serve a dual purpose. Whether you are working or just chilling on the side to admire the display, either way, you are maximizing your space with just one furniture.

6. A built-in workstation

small desks

Image credit | organizerjanet

Workstations are not only limited to open-surfaced small desks. They can be built into a closet, for instance, only to be revealed when it is in use and then later stowed away neatly.

7. Fold away table

small desks

Image credit | kspstuff

So sometimes it isn’t just small desks but compact desks that are being used especially in shoebox apartments and really tiny spaces. And we really love how innovative these tables are! A storage shelve, a table, and even a blackboard for leaving messages and reminders. That’s like 3 for the price of 1!

8. Standing desk


small desks

Image credit | michaeladkins


When all else fails, just ditch the chair altogether and make do with a standing table. Apparently, its suppose to be good for you. But whether it is for health or to save space, a standing table will omit the use of a chair and give you better posture in the long run.

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