10 Valentine's Day brunch ideas that puts love back into food

10 Valentine's Day brunch ideas that puts love back into food10 Valentine's Day brunch ideas that puts love back into food

Is the way to win a man over really through his stomach? We aren't sure, but we do know these Valentine's Day brunch ideas will bring a smile to his face!

Valentine’s Day fast approaches. It’s usually a whole day affair (if you want to do it properly!) So starting the day off with a customised breakfast for your beloved starts the day of romance on the right foot. Here are suggestions for special breakfast ideas to fill them with love through their stomach!

10 special breakfast ideas 

1. Fun ombre smoothies

special breakfast ideas

Image | Taste.com.au

A liquid breakfast might be the best option if the other half is always in a rush in the morning. But special breakfast ideas don’t have to be bland – have some fun by layering your smoothie, ombre style! It takes a bit longer than a normal smoothie because of the several layers you need to make. But it’s worth it because they’re worth it. This easy berry recipe by Brit+Co is packed with antioxidants as well.

2. Eggy-in-a-basket

special breakfast ideas

Image | HelloFresh

This cute recipe by HelloFresh can be made for a romantic dinner or breakfast! Hearty and simple to cook, add more pizzazz with extra ingredients like avocado, bacon or cheese and turn it into an unforgettable (and messy) sandwich!

3. Heart-shaped pancakes

special breakfast ideas

Image | Pexels

Special breakfast ideas can be simple as well! Pancakes are pretty easy to whip up in the morning. But keep it Valentine-themed by using a heart mould when you fry them up. For that extra touch, you can also make heart-shaped bacon pieces with a side of eggs and drizzle with maple syrup. Don’t forget to say “Bon appetit, mon amour”…

4. Scones

special breakfast ideas

Image | Pretty Prudent

Fancy a cup of tea? If you’re planning a big meal, you might not want to overload on food before the special evening dinner. Scones can be a perfect afternoon snack. Adding fruits like cherries can turn it from a savoury treat to a healthy one with sweet notes.

5. Sangria

special breakfast ideas

Image | Sugar and Soul

It’s definitely 5 o’clock somewhere. Enjoy this boozy drink as an afternoon treat before the evening shenanigans get underway.

6. Hot chocolate

special breakfast ideas

Image | Kraft Recipes

Nothing says cosy like lingering in bed next to someone you love with a cup of decadent hot chocolate.

7. Sweet jacket potato

special breakfast ideas

Image | BBC Good Food

The perfect brunch or light dinner option! You can pack the sweet potato with egg, bacon and avocado for a yummy breakfast treat, or go for kidney beans and guacamole for a more balanced meal.

8. English Breakfast burrito

special breakfast ideas

Image | Taste Made

English breakfast is one of those staple special breakfast ideas that’s pure comfort food. But instead of having to choose which elements to indulge in, why not enjoy the taste of English breakfast in a single bite? Sweet and savoury flavours matched with different textures await in a breakfast burrito unlike any other.

9. Valentine’s romantic fried chicken

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Image | Deliveroo

14th February is all about spending time with each other! If you don’t have time to cook (or can’t be bothered, same difference!), then order the limited edition “Secret Receipe to My Heart” meal set by KFC. Delivered exclusively by Deliveroo, you and your boo enjoy five pieces of Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy Chicken, 3 pieces Hot & Crispy Tenders, choice of 2 sides (Cheese Fries, large Fries or medium Whipped Potato) and choice of 2 drinks (Sjora Mango Peach, Iced Milo, Lipton Iced Tea or Pepsi). All of the above for only S$25.95.

What’s more, it comes in a heart-shaped box! You can wax lyrical about your other half in a customised message.

Pre-order from Wednesday 13 February to secure your box of love on Valentine’s Day.

10. Strawberry Nutella Cream Cheese Croissant French Toast

special breakfast ideas

Image | The Spruce Eats

How can so much awesomeness be packed in one dish? If you have time in the morning, then this will be one of the special breakfast ideas you can brag about for years to come (no, seriously. It’s actually amazing!)

Strawberries, chocolate, croissant – all the essential foodie elements for a romantic dish present in one dish. And once it’s cooked, you’ll forget how to stop tucking in!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong