7 Places to get delicious cheese rolls in Metro Manila

7 Places to get delicious cheese rolls in Metro Manila

Here are our favourite cheese rolls in the city!

Who doesn't love cheese rolls? They're pillowy soft, warm pieces of bread coated in buttery sugar and oozing with cheese filling. In the Philippines, this sweet treat is akin to the childhood favourite ensaymada that's just as delightful. Looking for the most delicious sweet cheese rolls in Metro Manila? Read on.

The Best-Tasting Sweet Cheese Rolls in Metro Manila

1. Café Mary Grace

We would be remiss if we skip this on any list of the best, sweet cheese rolls in Manila. This family-owned bakery, with over a dozen shops all over the country is known for their light, fluffy cheese rolls as well as their cheesy ensaymada. Don't forget to pair these with hot chocolate or their signature brewed coffee.

Where to get it: All Mary Grace Café branches. Check their list of shops here



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2. The Purple Oven

If super sweet cheese rolls aren't your thing, then you'd probably prefer this bakery's take on cheese rolls. It has a buttery taste, with a hint of saltiness, while still being oh-so cheesy.

Where to get it: ThePurple Oven, Quezon City, Pasig City, Makati City, Alabang

3. Conti's

This bakery's take on cheese rolls is a more well-balanced, light snack that's not too sweet. Most of the sweetness and crunchy texture lies in the sugary topping. The filling is a solid, small block of cheese that lends a bit of saltiness to its overall flavour.

Where to get it: Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant. Check their list of branches here

4. Must be Mom's

If you're looking for a super soft, sweet, and rich cheese rolls, then Must Be Mom's is the place to go. Their cheese rolls also have a hint of saltiness that offsets the sweetness a bit.

Where to get it: Must be Mom's Pastry Shop. You can check their list of branches here or order here



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5. Becky's Kitchen

This rich take on cheese rolls is buttery, creamy, light, with just the right amount of saltiness that doesn't overpower the sweetness, making it a good pick if you're craving sweet cheese rolls with a savoury contrast.

Where to get it: Becky's Kitchen, Pasig, Manila

6. Dean & Deluca

This coffee shop from New York has been serving up baked goods and delicious coffee in Manila since 2014. On their menu, you can find a type of Cuban cheese roll that's both sweet and savoury. Imagine a cream cheese filling inside a sweet flaky, glazed bread. Craving yet?

Where to get it: Dean & Deluca. Check their list of branches here



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7. Panaderia Pantoja

This local, family heritage bakeshop has been around since 1950. It all started in Tanauan City, Batangas and their take on baked goods have become instant classics over the years, including their cheese rolls, which are delightfully sprinkled with cinnamon.

Where to get it: Panaderia Pantoja. Check their list of branches in Metro Manila here.

Craving sweet cheese rolls in Manila? Make it an even more delicious experience by visiting the places mentioned above.

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