The 1,001 Project

The 1,001 ProjectThe 1,001 Project

Make it great. Make it yours. Make it.

What inspires creativity?

Is it a painting that captivates you? A fascinating book? Or is it a song that you just can't stop humming?

The drive to create, and the ability to appreciate creativity, is a capacity we all share. From the first time we picked up a crayon as children to our first school art project, there is a sense of excitement that can only come when you are at the cusp of making something.

And being creative is something that’s not exclusive to professional artists. As long as you have the ability to imagine, you can be creative.

As Asian women, we draw from a vibrant heritage of art, culture, and ingenuity. From the food we eat to the way we design our homes, we take pride in the richness of our history, of our identity.

Here at NONILO, we believe in each woman’s imagination and cleverness.

For our launch special, we give you over a thousand ways to spark your creative spirit through a series of food, home, and DIY project articles, which collectively add up to 1,001 ideas, from Asian cuisine features to design inspiration, decluttering hacks to do-it-yourself projects.

We believe that even the simplest of accomplishments in the kitchen and home can be an empowering experience. Learning a new recipe can make you feel more capable. The simple act of cleaning and organising can bring about peace of mind. Designing your space gives you a deep sense of ownership. Even mastering an arts and crafts project can be a cathartic experience.

Being creative can make the world, or at least our tiny space in it, a better place.

And so we want to inspire you to create, to whip up delicious meals, to make your home more beautiful, to take pride in your space, and to truly savour the best of life, one clever idea at a time.

If you can dream it, you can make it.

Make it great. Make it yours. Make it.

Welcome to The 1,001 Project.

Written by

Bianchi Mendoza