Tiger Sugar bubble tea has opened it's first outlet in Manilla

Tiger Sugar bubble tea has opened it's first outlet in Manilla

Get ready to line up for the first Tiger Sugar bubble tea in the Philippines!

Now everytime someone mentions bubble tea, people would start asking which ones are your favourites. Ever since bubble tea was born, this delicious drink loaded with small chewy tapioca balls has taken the world by storm. And the craze is everywhere with more and more franchises popping up all over Asia.

Despite the numbers, the lines are always long and the crowd many. But get ready for another reason to line up because the first Tiger Sugar milk tea in Philippines is open for business!

Tiger Sugar milk tea in Philippines

A milk tea shop that originated from Taiwan, you can see long lines at every shop especially when they moved out and opened in Singapore and Hong Kong.

This famous Tiger Sugar milk tea gets its name from the stripes that are created when they drizzle brown sugar syrup all over the inside of your cup. The contrast from the dark sugary goodness against the milk tea in your cup results in a tiger stripe-like appearance that is super Instagram worthy.

But get the shot immediately when they first hand you your drink! Those stripes won’t stay there forever especially once those boba balls start swirling around!

What to expect in terms of taste?

tiger sugar milk tea in Philippines

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There’s just something about brown sugar that adds an extra caramel taste that you can’t achieve with regular sugar.

So even if the tea is rich, the brown sugar gives it an added taste profile without being overly sweet. Next comes slightly softer boba balls steeped in the same sugary goodness. You just know that it would be worth all that extra calories after your first sip.

But why let us tell you when you can try it for yourself? Tiger Sugar is at Bonifacio High Street and opens from 11 am onwards until 10 pm from Sundays to Thursdays and 11 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Rosanna Chio