5 Tips to help you choose the right mattress

5 Tips to help you choose the right mattress5 Tips to help you choose the right mattress

Get a good night's rest with the right mattress

You'd be surprised how many people are losing quality sleep on a daily basis over low-quality and from using the wrong type of mattresses. Sleep is really important because when you do not get adequate rest, this can affect your daily performance tremendously. If your current mattress is old and is in need to be replaced, here are some tips for choosing a mattress so that you can start getting your sleep back.

5 tips for choosing a mattress

tips for choosing a mattress

1. How old is your current mattress?

When it comes to tips for choosing a mattress, the first thing you should know is how old your current mattress is because this actually determines whether or not you need to replace it. Generally, most mattresses should last you an average of 8 years at least. However, this does not necessarily apply for high-end mattresses that can last beyond that. But a good telltale sign, again, goes back to your quality of sleep. If you are sure it is your mattress that is causing your lack of sleep then you really should consider replacing it.

2. What do you need from your mattress?

Think about what you expect from a mattress and consider your needs. Do you have a back concern that requires more support, for instance? Or do you prefer more bounce or think about the firmness of the mattress?

For example, hybrid mattresses are all-rounders that provide great bounce, support and comfort while being cooling all at once. Latex mattresses are popular for responsiveness, minus the contouring that usually comes with Foam. Then there's the softer pillow tops and traditional coil types. There are also adjustable mattresses on the market that are usually meant for those with medical conditions.

3. How much are you willing to spend?

Aside tips for choosing a mattress, you also need to consider how much you're willing to spend because this varies from one person to another. Back in the days, buying a mattress was limited to furniture shops and at best you might end up with an overpriced standard mattress. But with more and more online shops as well as warehouse sales happening, make sure you do a bit of sleuthing before making that purchase. You want to be able to get the best offer with your set budget. Please know that a bigger price tag doesn't always mean its a better mattress for you, but don't skimp on it either. It is ok to dish out a bit more money for quality but you don't have to break the bank to own a good mattress. So do your research and read reviews of people with the same preferences as you before deciding.

4. What is your preferred sleeping position?

tips fr choosing a mattress

Every single person's preferred sleeping style varies. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, sleep on your stomach or a mixture of everything, how you sleep determines the right mattress for you. A side sleeper will need a mattress of soft to medium firmness. This is so that it can contour to the shape of a body sleeping on the side. On the contrary, back and stomach sleepers will need a firmer mattress because a softer one may have enough pushback for their spine. Insufficient support will only result in pressure points that could lead to back pains.

5. Your weight plays a part too

Bet you didn't see this one coming right? But when you think about it, it really does makes sense. How much you weigh will determine how much sinkage and hug you feel from a mattress. A lighter person should avoid a harder mattress because they will not sink as much as a heavier person. A denser mattress will only be uncomfortable and disrupt their sleep. Likewise, a heavier person shouldn't buy a mattress that is too soft because it wouldn't be able to provide the necessary support.

Armed with these tips for choosing a mattress, now you should have no problems finding one that will meet your budget and needs. If sleep as eluded you for long enough, make it better by purchasing the right mattress this time!

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