How you REALLY should organise your home

How you REALLY should organise your home

Just remember: slow and steady wins the race!

Decluttering the home is top of everyone’s to-do list at the beginning of the new year. But not everyone organises their home in the most efficient way. Check out our tips to declutter efficiently that the pros adhere to!

5 tips to declutter your home

1. Make space first – buy storage later

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For your first priority, don’t go out and buy container boxes first. You’ll end up purchasing a lot of unnecessary, albeit pretty, boxes that you’ll have no immediate use for! Instead, clean out the home first. Throw away expired or old items.

Once you can see the space you’re dealing with, it becomes easier to buy appropriate containers. Start off with just a few since you can buy more bins later.

2. See each task through to the end

Do you ever get struck by procrastination when decluttering your home? One of the most important tips to declutter is to fully commit to each task when you decide where you’re putting something.

Have unwanted boxes? Flatpack them and recycle them immediately – don’t wait. Want to give some things to your friend? Bag them and put them in your car, after you arrange a time with your friend to drop them off. You’ve come so far organising your home so don’t let these small things waste your effort!

3. Know your limits – take it step by step

Realistically, no one can tidy up and organise their whole home in a day. After a few hours, you’ll become tired and irritated. Instead, split the cleaning time across different days. Over 2 to 3 hour periods, work on different areas of the home.

4. Keep up the good work

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A commonly forgotten topic when discussing tips to declutter is the aftermath. You’ll have a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement when it’s done. Just don’t get demoralised afterwards when you need to tidy up again.

But regular upkeep is to be expected. In fact, it’ll be a lot easier because of your improved and more efficient system! So keep your good work going!

5. There is no such thing as perfection

Functionality is the name of the game. We all want our homes to be featured as a double spread of an interior design magazine. However, our tips to declutter mean your place will allow you to live in the space and enjoy residing in your home. As beautiful as the homes in catalogues look, they don’t serve your purpose!

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Vinnie Wong