Trick or treat bag ideas you can make at home

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Need some fresh ideas and inspiration for your trick-and-treat bags this Halloween? We've got you covered!

Want to be different and stand out this Halloween? If so, then here are some ideas for trick or treat bags to make at home! Whether it is a last minute project or a more challenging and creative one, there's definitely one for everyone across the board.

9 Trick or Treat bags to make at home

Paper cup pumpkin


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Paper cups are easily accessible and you can practically buy them anywhere. In fact, you can even buy those larger cup noodles! Using smaller cups are just sad unless you really want to cut down on the goodies. Just empty out the contents from the large cup noodles for later and embellish with orange and black colour paper!

Black sticker decals


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Another quick and easy way to personalize your bag, bucket or basket is to use black sticker decals. Just print out using any of the free templates available online onto the back. Alternatively, you can also trace it or freehand draw any of the designs and fonts before cutting time out. Then it is as simple as sticking everything on and you're done!

Use a bucket and some felt


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If trick or treat bags are just too mainstream then how about decorating a bucket with some colourful felt? You can buy felt easily from Daiso or any craft shop. After that, it is all down to your own creativity and glue gunning skills.

Crochet your own basket


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Definitely, one of the harder trick or treat bags to make at home, but maybe not for those who already know and love crocheting. Whether you make them flat like shopper's bag or round like a basket, they don't take very long to make if you have big yarns on hand. Besides, they are cute and shows off your crocheting skills.

Paper mache cauldron


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Even though paper mache may seem like a lot of effort, it can actually be a fun project to do with the kids by getting them involved. It is a great alternative to trick or treat bags to make at home because then the kids would be able to make their own Jack-o-lantern or witch's cauldron from scratch!

A shopper's bag and fabric paint


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The idea of using a shopper's bag is ingenious because first of all, they are reusable and the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating them. There's nothing some spray paint and a cereal cut out box template cannot do. Then there's fabric markers, fabric paint, dyes and even googly eyes which you can glue on.

Cardboard and coloured paper


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Another great upcycle project is to reuse cardboard boxes! You can use them to reinforce the backs of coloured paper like the one above. So even if the containing box inside is dull and boring, nobody will know if you cover it with a cute little ghoul!

Last minute paper bag


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Easily, one of the easiest trick or treat bags to make at home, although reinforcing the bottom of the bag would be a good idea. Paper bags are not very hardy and some kids come home with tonnes of goodies! But the great thing about paper bags is that they are so easy to personalise that even the kids can do it themselves! You can even get the kids to recycle one of the bags, that way they can even get a short introduction on zero waste living. Win-win.

Now that you have some ideas and inspiration, why not make it yourself this Halloween? Ditch the boring plastic Jack-o-lantern options for some of these trick or treat bags to make at home. Be unique, be you!

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