6 dazzling ways to decorate with Christmas string lights all year round

6 dazzling ways to decorate with Christmas string lights all year round6 dazzling ways to decorate with Christmas string lights all year round

Make it feel like Christmas all year round with these fun and easy ideas!

Twinkly Christmas lights are some of the most festive types of decoration during the holidays. They liven up our Christmas trees and can make a Christmas wreath look even more special, but there are a lot more ways get creative with fairy lights even when the holidays are over.

Here are some of the most clever ways to use twinkly Christmas lights all year round—because why should we let those dazzling twinkly Christmas lights just gather dust during the year?

Creative and festive ways to decorate with twinkly Christmas lights

1. Create a sparkling centrepiece

You can’t capture fireflies in a jar, but this comes pretty close. Just twirl Christmas twinkly lights inside a jar or empty lantern to make your own decorative, sparkling centrepiece.

2. Brighten up unique accent pieces

Christmas twinkly lights don’t just look beautiful draped around a lush tree. Even bare branches can be just as stunning!

christmas twinkly lights

images: My Shiny Pieces Facebook page and Rachael and Freya Instagram account

3. Add a touch of sparkle to simple corners

You don’t need yards and yards of twinkly Christmas lights to make your home stunning. Just simple, minimalist touches can brighten up a home.

christmas twinkly lights

images: Hearts & Grey and Nesthomelyinteriors Instagram accounts

4. Make your bedroom look magical

It’s not just your home’s facade or your living room that you can beautify with some string lights, you can also use them to make your bedroom a more soothing sanctuary.

twinkly christmas lights

image: Mumbai Properties and The Pink Princess Shop Facebook pages

5. Add a touch of whimsy to floral decor

Floral arrangements truly liven up any home. And Christmas twinkly lights can make them even more beautiful.

christmas twinkly lights

image: House of Hope DIY Workshops and Hattie & Alice Facebook page

6. Capture the holiday spirit in a jar

Of course, Christmas twinkly lights are a must during the holidays. Capture the spirit of the season in a unique way by combining lights and ornaments in a clear jar or tall vase.

christmas twinkly lights

images: Joycee Ann and Boze.Narodzenie Facebook page

How have you decorated with Christmas twinkly lights? Let us know in the comments!

lead images: Caro Events and House of Hope DIY Workshops Facebook pages

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