9 awesome non-traditional bouquet ideas to make Valentine's Day memorable

9 awesome non-traditional bouquet ideas to make Valentine's Day memorable9 awesome non-traditional bouquet ideas to make Valentine's Day memorable

Guys. take note. Bouquets don't just have to be made of flowers!

The staple Valentine’s Day bouquet has changed a lot since we started celebrating the day for lovers. In recent years, edible bouquets were given to their loved ones. But don’t limit your creative take on a bouquet to just food – here are some suggestions for non-traditional Valentine’s Day bouquet ideas you can make or order in the Philippines.

9 unique Valentine’s Day bouquet ideas

1. Doughnut bouquet

valentines day bouquet

Image | Tim Horton

This Valentine’s Day bouquet might mean sticky fingers, but you’ll see how much they’ll enjoy it when it disappears!

2. Bacon roses

valentines day bouquet

Image | Bacon Bouquets

Love is in the air – you’ll smell it from the delicious rolled balls of salty and crunchy goodness. Check out this guide to make it yourself and surprise bae with a tasty Valentine’s Day bouquet!

3. Make-up bouquet

valentines day bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@cairocosmetics)

A Valentine’s Day bouquet doesn’t need to be edible, nor made of flowers! This is a super cute and thoughtful gift that shows support for applying makeup. Guys, double check with trusted female friends which products to include in here if you’re unsure. Or better yet, order the bouquet direct from retailers!

4. Pastillas Rose bouquet

valentines day bouquet

Image | Facebook screengrab (@sweetboom)

No one said roses are off-limits. But imagine receiving a Valentine’s Day bouquet of roses – made from pastillas de leche? You can place an order from Sweet Bloom Roses Pastilla for a great surprise!

5. Teddy Bear and chocolates

valentines day bouquet

Image | Flower Delivery Philippines

If this bouquet doesn’t fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings, then nothing will! Order from Flowers Delivery Philippines to get both flowers and chocolates checked off your Valentine’s Day to-do list!

6. Cupcakes

valentines day bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@smashingcakesandbakes)

They look just like the real thing, but taste even better! Amanda’s Oven and Cupcakes by Sonja are receiving orders. Put in yours for a sweet treat!

7. Balloons

valentines day bouquet

Image | Flickr

Definitely a time to celebrate! A balloon bouquet will cause love to rise up when you receive it! Bebe’s Balloons and Florist Manila can help you out here.

8. Fruits and vegetables

valentines day bouquet

Image | Hazel

Keep it healthy with an arrangement of colourful fruit and veggies.

If you don’t want to buy your own fruits and veg from the supermarket, then you can buy from Fruits in Bloom

9. Fried chicken bouquet

valentines day bouquet

Image | Instagram screengrab (@lindagosann)

Perhaps the staple non-traditional bouquet is the fried chicken bouquet. And it’s no surprise it’s so popular since it’s so finger lickin’ good. Best of all, it’s so easy to make yourself!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong