9 Tasty Vegetarian Burgers To Try In Singapore

9 Tasty Vegetarian Burgers To Try In Singapore9 Tasty Vegetarian Burgers To Try In Singapore

These vegetarian burgers are as tasty as their meat counterparts.

It’s with good reason Singapore is a foodie haven. You can find nearly anything to eat here—catering to various preferences and dietary restrictions. And with the recent rise to popularity of the Impossible Burger, more and more burger franchises are introducing vegetarian burgers to cater to the growing number of consumers opting for the meatless option.

But with the sheer amount of food places to try, it’s not easy picking the right one. Here, we narrow down your search to the 9 vegetarian burger so good, even meat-lovers will enjoy:

Vegetarian burger in Singapore: 9 places that serve the best ones

1. nomVnom

NomVNom - vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: nomVnom

NomVnom offers 22 different types of vegetarian burgers.

Their patties are made in-house using soy, potatoes, mixed vegetables or mushrooms, or imported.

Popular choices include the Nom Nom (S$7.90) or the A-lamak (S$9.90) for its spicy kick.


2. Swensen’s

Swensens vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Swensen’s

You can enjoy an American-style Impossible Burger at any of the 24 outlets from the largest Halal-certified restaurant chain in Singapore.

The Impossible Burger at Swensen’s is topped with melted cheese and red onion rings while being served with their signature U.S. Fries and coleslaw.

3. Fatburger

vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Fatburger

Fatburger is the American fast casual restaurant chain known for its delicious burgers at affordable prices.

Enjoy their Impossible burger for only S$12.90. Upgrade and go “Fat” by adding S$4.50 to get a side of fries and a drink.


4. Park Bench Deli

vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Park Bench Deli

If you love cheese, then Park Bench Deli has a treat for you.

The Impossible Patty Melt (S$24) is a gluten-free cheesy affair that’ll leave you wanting more.


vegetarian burger in Singapore - HANS IM GLUCK

Image source: HANS IM GLÜCK

The German grill house celebrates its third year of opening with a refreshed menu which brings their burger options to a total of 16—including 7 vegetarian options.

The vegetarian burgers come with plant-based patties that come in their choice of bread: Sourdough or Multigrain. Skipping the carbs? You can also go “Naked” – without the bun. 

Try a tasty vegetarian burger in Singapore from any of HANS IM GLÜCK‘s four outlets in Boat Quay, Orchard Road, Raffles Place, or Vivo City.


6. Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt Singapore

vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Mezza9

Mezza9 in Grand Hyatt Singapore introduced Singapore to the Beyond Burger.

“Beyond Burger was chosen because it looks, cooks and tastes just like conventional meat patties. The delicious plant-based patty is in very high demand worldwide and we are extremely happy to be the first and exclusive partner in Southeast Asia.” explained Executive Sous Chef Martin Satow.

Available for S$25++, you can enjoy the plant-based burger served with fries, cauliflower, broccoli, or grains for lunch or dinner.

7. Veganburg

vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Veganburg

The world’s first plant-based burger point, which opened in Singapore in 2010, offers the innovative vegetarian burgers all can enjoy.

For example, try the Chilli Krab (S$11.90), a plant-protein crab meat patty with Singapore’s signature Chilli Crab sauce. But their best-selling burger is the Creamy Shrooms (S$9.90).

Whichever you go for, turn it into a meal by adding S$3.90, where you can have a side of broccoli or seaweed fries, and a 16-ounce drink.

8. Real food

vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Real Food SG

Real Food Singapore prides themselves on preparing every meal made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

One of the most interesting vegetarian burgers in Singapore is the Beet Millet Burger (S$13.80). The patty is made from , carrots, onions, beetroot, potato, and millet. It’s also served with two sides of your choice.

9. Three Buns

vegetarian burger in Singapore

Image source: Three Buns

This creative gourmet burger joint offers four types of Impossible Burgers. The Impossible Dream ($24), the Impossible Cheddar ($19), Can You Dig It? (S$24), and Vegan Seagal (S$23).

Each has their own distinct flavours to mix it up.


Feel inspired yet? Share with us which vegetarian burger you tried and how you found it!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong