11 Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Ideas

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Let's cater for our vegetarian guests this Christmas!

Not sure what to serve your non-meat eating guests? Here are some vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas you can whip up at the last minute. Let's cater to every guest this year!

11 simple vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas to have on hand

1. Feta and Spinach Tarts

vegetarian christmas dinner

If you have puff pastry at home, then make these super easy mini feta and spinach tarts. And you can even make a whole batch at a time if you have more than one muffin tin! This will surely be a hit among both vegetarians and meat eaters.

2. Stuffed Pasta

vegetarian christmas dinner

Every shell is stuffed to the brim with delicious ricotta and chopped spring onions. You can always switch up the flavour and use your preferred vegetables. Rich and decadent, your guest would be asking you for the recipe next!

3. Baked Brie

vegetarian christmas dinner

Nothing does crowd-pleasing better than molten melting cheese in the form of a baked brie. Serve with figs, grapes, crackers, chips, bread, whatever you like. Anything that would help your guest scoop or pick up the melty deliciousness.

4. Cranberry and Brie Bites

vegetarian christmas dinner

Puff pastry to the rescue again! Even though these minis go well with brie, feel free to switch out to a cheese you prefer. A mouthwatering combination of tartness and the salty creaminess of the cheese. Don't be surprised if these start flying off the trays!

5. Bruschetta

vegetarian christmas dinner

Another crowd favourite whether vegetarian or not is the classic bruschetta. There's just something about this vegetarian Christmas dish that screams crisp fresh citrusy taste from the lemon. Ironically the colours are pretty fitting to the holidays too!

6. Roasted veggies

vegetarian christmas dinner

Roasted veggies are a staple at every dinner. Throw in some fall veggies and make sure to use a good mix of colours. Not only will they provide a medley of tastes but will also be super pleasing to the eyes.

A good tip is to cut them into roughly the same size so that they have equal cooking times. You don't want to serve your guests veggie mush.

7. Vegetarian lasagne

vegetarian christmas dinner


8. Vegetarian Springrolls

vegetarian christmas dinner

How about something Asian for Christmas? This vegetarian Christmas dish is so easy to make. Just stir fry some shredded jicama, bean sprouts, thinly chopped french beans and finely chopped tofu. Wrap this filling into spring roll wraps once it has cooled down and deep fry them just before serving.

9. Cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches

vegetarian christmas dinner

What about something that the kids can help prepare? Use any of the festive cookie cutters and you would be able to transform a regular cheese and cucumber sandwich into a worthy dish that can be served at a vegetarian Christmas dinner!

10. Veggies shots

vegetarian christmas dinner

An oldie but a goodie. These veggie shots are great because then your guests would be free to mingle while enjoying the veggie dips. Sure Christmas dinners are about the food, but it is also about having fun and bonding with one another.

11. Chocolate dipped oranges with crushed pistachio

vegetarian christmas dinner

And why not finish with something sweet since it's Christmas? These chocolate dipped oranges are almost effortless. All you need to do is to peel them into wedges and then dip them melted chocolate and sprinkle on some crushed pistachios. Keep them in the fridge so that the chocolate can set and remember to serve them cold.


Which vegetarian Christmas dinner idea will you be attempting this year? Or do you have any other vegetarian ideas to share with our readers? Feel free to share with us in the comment box below!

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Rosanna Chio