The first vending machine selling frozen Norwegian salmon is available in Singapore

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Taking healthy eating and convenience to the next level

You can find nearly anything in vending machines nowadays. In Japan, you can buy a wide variety of items ranging from sake to batteries. But you’d never expect a vending machine in Singapore to sell frozen Norwegian salmon for your convenience!

Vending machine in Singapore dispenses frozen Norwegian salmon

vending machine in singapore

Image | Facebook screengrab (@Sim Lan Toh)

You can find this bizarre and interesting new concept in Wisteria Mall, a new shopping centre on Yishun Ring Road. For SGD5.90, you can buy 200g of frozen raw salmon fillets of premium quality. And you can only make this transaction using a debit or credit card! If you’re looking for this unique vending machine, then you’ll find it on level 1 besides the store, Lonni Beauty.

Since the fillets are frozen, Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd reassures the public there aren’t any additives or flavouring added to the products. Depending on how the reception to this concept goes, there are further plans to expand. Expect to see more vending machines dispensing Norwegian salmon!

Although you might have never considered buying salmon from a vending machine in Singapore, it might be your ticket to a healthier diet. Salmon has a lot of nutritional benefits.

vending machine in singapore

Image | Pexels

It’s probably most famous for its omega-3 content. The fatty acid is amazing in all situations – if you want better eyesight, stronger immunity and feel better overall, then look no further! Furthermore, expectant mummies will really help their children out by having salmon in their diet! Omega 3 also boost brain development in children. And it’s packed full of nutrients and minerals to keep your body strong.

Norwegian salmon is a leaner protein than other salmon species. It’s also got a wonderful silky smooth texture and an underlying smokiness when tasted.

If you’re in the area and don’t have time to do a full grocery shop, then this might be your dinner for the evening!

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Vinnie Wong