13 ways to cook an egg EVERYONE should learn

13 ways to cook an egg EVERYONE should learn

Expand your cooking skills beyond just boiling the egg!

Healthy, nutritious and wholesome. Eggs are a staple ingredient used in several cuisines and cultures. But have you tried all the different ways to enjoy this superfood? Here are 10 easy ways to cook eggs anyone can try.

13 simple ways to cook eggs

1. Omelette

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Perhaps one of the most versatile ways to cook eggs is the classic omelette. Preparation is simple and it has unlimited variations since the final taste depends on the additional ingredients you add. Popular choices include tomato, mushrooms, spinach and chives.

2. Sunny-side up (fried)

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A must-have element when making an English breakfast. Cooking an egg has never been easier. The only thing to keep an eye out for is how long to leave the egg on the pan because you don't want to fully cook the yolk.

3. Soft-boiled egg

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It's deceptively easy to get this method wrong. But don't be fooled into thinking it's just boiling an egg. Timing is key here - boil for 4-5 minutes if you want to have the egg yolk runny to use as a dip, or 6-7 minutes if you plan to use the egg in a salad.

4. Scrambled egg

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Nothing else starts your morning off better than with creamy and soft scrambled egg. You need to put a bit of elbow grease in there to keep it mixed up and soft, but the egg result is so, so worth it. Enjoy for breakfast or brunch.

5. Poached

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Definitely one of the fanciest ways to cook eggs and a sure way to impress friends and family if you can pull this off. It's extremely fun to do and just as satisfying when you pull it off.

The key to getting this technique right is to not have the water boiling. Wait until bubbles start rising. Then take the pan off the heat.

Vinegar is optional as it helps to firm up the egg. But some complain that the egg tastes like vinegar!

6. Steamed

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Steaming is one of the most refreshing and healthy ways to cook eggs. It's also a common dish used for Asian cuisines, so this is a good dish to make if you're cooking for family dinner!

7. Hard-boiled egg

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The most common method out of all the ways to cook eggs is a hard-boiled egg. It's simple to do, versatile, and can be eaten with anything, or on its own.

8. Baked

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The posh name for this style of cooking eggs is eggs en cocotte. It's a relatively hands-free way of cooking eggs. And you can bake the eggs with other ingredients, like this mackerel and spinach recipe.

9. Frittata

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Frittatas are excellent comfort food. They're like a quiche, but without the fussiness and extra steps. You cook the frittata on the stove first and finish it off in the oven. Add whichever ingredients make you happy!

10. Pancakes

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As the main ingredient for pancakes, you can enjoy this good ol' American style with bacon and maple syrup (cause bacon is life). Or an alternative version with fruits and cream for a more refreshing taste is also on the cards!

11. Crêpe

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Cooking with eggs makes this more like savoury galettes. Replace flour with eggs, and you can still have paper-thin crêpes. Enjoy the crêpes with a saucy filling, or eat them with a side of salad for light lunch.

12. Coffee

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Yes, you read that right. A Vietnamese special is to add condensed milk, tea and raw egg in. It's like a different take on bulletproof-coffee. No preparation needed, just add all the ingredients in and stir!

13. Fritters

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One of the most fun ways to cook eggs is replacing a core ingredient in another recipe and replacing it with the nutritious ingredient. Fritters are great for parties or to eat as an afternoon snack. You can take liberties with what you add in your fritters, as well.

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