A beginner's guide to cooking a Valentine's Day meal

A beginner's guide to cooking a Valentine's Day mealA beginner's guide to cooking a Valentine's Day meal

Step 0.5 - Acknowledge you might be biting off more than you can chew if you don't know how to cook (read on!)

Nothing says a heartfelt “I love you” more than a homecooked meal with your own two hands. But if you don’t know what to cook for Valentine’s Day for your beloved, then here’s a crash course on how to cook the best meal for that special person in your life.

What to cook for Valentine’s Day – the beginner’s guide

Step 1: Choose a course

what to cook for valentines day

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It can be overwhelming trying to cook a starter, main and dessert. But it’s not about putting up smoke and mirrors to impress your lover-cum-patron with a wide spread of dishes. Pick one course that you’re comfortable with and have a recipe handy. Better to nail one dish than have a few poorly-prepared courses. Normally, dinner or dessert is preferable here, since you can get takeaway to fill the missing dish.

Step 2. Make it personal

what to cook for valentines day

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So you might have a recipe handy which is always a great starting point. But before you dive headlong into reproducing a Michelin star course Gordon Ramsey would be pleased with, think first – what makes my partner happy?

Is there a particular dish they like? Or maybe they just love fries and would eat that forever if possible.

Including this factor in your dish will go a long way towards expressing how deeply you love that person.

You don’t even have to go overboard, either. It might be a recreation of the first date or the first time you guys kissed. Simple isn’t necessarily bad.

Step 3. Jazz it up

what to cook for valentines day

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As you’re rattling your brain on what to cook for Valentine’s Day, don’t be scared to change recipes to add your own flair to the dish. A bit of chilli might go really well with that chocolate melting cake. And they’re both aphrodisiacs, which means it’ll do more than leave a tingling sensation on their lips.

Step 4. Get everything ready in advance

what to cook for valentines day

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If you don’t cook very often, then you might not have gauged how long cooking takes. And you know what they say…fail to prepare, and prepare to fail.

Which would be a huge shame especially since you put so much effort into planning what to cook for Valentine’s.

Buy your ingredients in advance. And you can prepare them by chopping and storing them up the evening before so it’s just a case of adding them into the pan when it’s time to woo your lover through your cooking skills.

Step 5. Ask for help

what to cook for valentines day

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Believe us, your efforts will be commended. But don’t struggle in silence if you’re feeling a bit lost when you embark on what to cook for Valentine’s Day!

Perhaps the most important tip is to reach out for help from trusted friends and family with more culinary experience than you.

Share with them what you aim to make and why. They might have a handy recipe or a quicker and easier way to cook. Asking for help doesn’t take away from the intention of cooking the best Valentine’s Day meal for your sweetheart!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong