Here's how EVERYONE can enjoy Valentine's Day at home!

Here's how EVERYONE can enjoy Valentine's Day at home!Here's how EVERYONE can enjoy Valentine's Day at home!

What if we told you all the fun is at home...

The day of romance doesn’t mean only couples can enjoy it. What’s stopping singles and families from celebrating the day of love with close friends and family? You don’t need to go out to have a good time – bring the fun and fanfare indoors. Even a quiet night in can be just what you need to feel the love. Here are some ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day at home that anyone can enjoy.

What to do on Valentine’s Day – For couples

1. Declutter the home

what to do on valentines day

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I know this isn’t the top of everyone’s list of what to do on Valentine’s Day. Before you get your pitchforks out, hear us out. It can be cathartic getting rid of older stuff, especially things that remind you of previous painful memories.

As Marie Kondo shares, only keep things that sparks joy!

Speaking of sparking joy – make sure the bedroom is tidied up and clear. Feng Shui principles advise that your romantic spots should be conducive for the hot and heavy. Take a bit of time getting it ready and shifting things that don’t belong there. It might lead to something more exciting…

2. Strip Poker (Board Games Edition)

what to do on valentines day

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Dial up the passion when you stay at home. If you don’t know how to play strip poker, then change it up. Board games will suffice since the aim of the game is the same. Everytime the other person loses, they have to take off a piece of clothing. Or you can up the stakes and make bets in between turns. Winner gets to choose which item of clothing you get to keep.

Add music in the background during the strip to make it saucier.

3. Set up your own spa

No, we’re not talking about a simple shoulder massage. We’re talking becoming a full-on masseuse.

Lay out some towels on a flat surface and take turns giving each other sensual massages. Take turns so everyone gets their fair share. But we imagine it won’t be long before the massage goes out the window.

4. Read erotic stories to each other

what to do on valentines day

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The adult version of bedtime stories seems appropriate for couples asking what to do on Valentine’s Day. Spend some time reading erotic stories to each other. Ask each other questions and tell each other how that makes you feel. You might be able to incorporate it into tonight’s activities.

5. Cook together

After all, you both need to eat, right? So here’s what to do on Valentine’s Day that’s intimate and fun – cook dinner together! It doesn’t have to be a complicated meal. And it can be a lot more hands-on than usual.

What to do on Valentine’s Day- For singles

1. Invite your family over for dinner

what to do on valentines day

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As tempting to wallow in self-pity as it might be, V-day doesn’t have to alone. Ask your parents and siblings to come over and enjoy their company together over dinner.

Your parents might tell you heartwarming stories you didn’t know and help you realise that the right one is just yet to come along.

2. Write thank you notes and cards

what to do on valentines day

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When wondering about what to do on Valentine’s Day, it’s important not to forget the core message buried beneath the romance and festivities that it’s a great chance to appreciate someone. So writing thank you cards to people who mean a lot to you is a fulfilling experience and also builds your friendship with that person. It might lead to something more!

3. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Round up the gang and call them round. Couples don’t have a monopoly on all the fun to be had. All the single ladies can party out and just appreciate being single!

4. Make yourself a classy dinner

what to do on valentines day

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If you’re looking for some me time, then it’s the perfect opportunity to make you the focus. And nothing says you’re worth it than a delicious meal. Pull out all the stops and try something you’ve been wanting to have a go. You’re worth it.

What to do on Valentine’s Day – For families

1. Have a dance party

Families can spend the day appreciating each other. Parents can also use this opportunity to show their love for their kids, as well as each other. After dinner, you can break out the dance moves and everyone can feel loved! Speaking of appreciation…

2. Spend time around the dinner table saying why you love that person

what to do on valentines day

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Ok, we’re borrowing this from Thanksgiving meals. But it’s an effective way to take time out of our busy lives to really show our appreciation for someone else in all the little and big ways possible.

Even if it feels awkward, give everyone a chance – they might surprise you.

3. Make Valentine’s decorations together

what to do on valentines day

Image | Miss Bizi Bee

Dress up the house to spread the love! DIY Valentine’s Day decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you want! Making a paper flower backdrop might add some colour to a bare wall, or serves as a romantic curtain that drapes over doorways.

You could even make single-letter monograms to add character to shelves.

4. Set up a family photo shoot

what to do on valentines day

Image | Shutterstock

Valentine’s Day is all about memories. What better way to make memories than through embarrassing and cringey photos that you can show your grandkids in the future?

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Written by

Vinnie Wong