Here's Where You Can Get A Scoop Or Two Of White Rabbit Ice Cream

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Fans of White Rabbit candy in the Philippines and Malaysia, rejoice!

You don’t have to be or travel all the way to LA to get a taste of White Rabbit Ice Cream! You can have your scoop or two in Asia and we know where to buy White Rabbit Ice Cream in the Philippines and Malaysia!

The candy-based ice cream flavour which made waves when it was released at the LA-based parlour, Wanderlust Creamery, is also now available at two Asian ice cream stores in the Philippines and in Malaysia. 

Where to buy White Rabbit Ice Cream In Malaysia

White Rabbit Inside Scoop

White Rabbit Ice Cream | Inside Scoop

To the delight of fans, Inside Scoop in Malaysia started releasing their version of the White Rabbit ice cream on 28th Feb.

The store has outlets in Kuala Lumpur.

Where to buy White Rabbit Ice Cream in the Philippines

where to buy white rabbit ice cream: Black Scoop Cafe

White Rabbit Soft Serve | Black Scoop Cafe

Our friends in the Philippines, fret not! This nostalgic treat is also coming—from the second week of March to be exact—and we know exactly where!

Black Scoop Cafe—an ice cream parlour in Manila known for their milk tea flavoured ice cream—released a cryptic photo of their new White Rabbit Soft Serve in late February and has since confirmed that the 90s-favourite candy-flavoured ice cream will be on sale at their cafe.

The soft serve will come with their signature Activated Charcoal waffle cone.

Fingers crossed that the sweet’s yummy edible rice paper will be available as a topping too!

Black Scoop Cafe has branches in Quezon City, Muntinlupa City and more.

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Abigail Ang