Filipinos have the most adventurous tastebuds, according to new research

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But how fussy are people as food critics in general?

In YouGov’s international survey to discover which country has the best food, Italian cuisine takes the top spot, followed by Chinese and Japanese food. As expected, each culture loves its own cuisine. But not everyone enjoys food universally, with some countries being harsher food critics than others.

The survey to end all debates: which country has the best food according to YouGov

which country has the best food

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YouGov has released the results of a study where more than 25,000 people across 24 different countries. People responded to questions about whether they liked cuisines from 34 different cultures. According to the responses, Italian food is the most well-liked, receiving an average score of 84% of likeability across the board.

which country has the best food

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Chinese food follows closely behind at 78% average likeability (Singaporeans and Hong Kongers particularly liked this cuisine!), while Japanese food receives a 71% average score of yumminess. On the other hand, Peruvian food is reported to be the least enjoyable cuisine with an average score of 32% of likeability.

But how harsh or fair were the critics who responded to the survey? The results need to be taken with a pinch of salt considering that some countries are fussy about their food. The Japanese were the pickiest eaters as more than half disliked 23 of the 34 international cuisines. In fact, only 39% of Japanese people admitted to liking foreign food after trying it.

This is in stark contrast with Filipinos who are the easiest-going when it comes to international cuisine. 67% of respondents from this population said they tried foods from different cultures and enjoyed it. It’s a shame that Filipino cuisine is one of the least popular cuisines!

which country has the best food

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Singaporeans are also very open to trying and even enjoying food from abroad. 94% of Singaporeans liked Chinese and Japanese in particular! But what’s impressive is in their search for which country has the best food, they are willing to give “bland” cuisines a chance. Especially British cuisine, which seems to be unanimously disliked in Europe for being too plain, 76% of Singaporeans who tried it said it was decent!

The full survey results have been released by YouGov and can be found here.

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