9 Deliciously fun ways to wrap dumplings

9 Deliciously fun ways to wrap dumplings9 Deliciously fun ways to wrap dumplings

Because wrapping them is half the fun!

The art of wrapping dumplings is one of the most traditional and fun techniques of Asian cooking. We previously showed you delicious fillings to put in your dumplings, now let’s take a closer look at the different ways to wrap dumplings.

9 Simple tips for wrapping dumplings into fun shapes

1. Simple

This is the simplest method of wrapping dumplings, which is perfect for beginners. It involves folding a dumpling in half and then sealing it using a fork.

wrapping dumplings

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2. Purse-shaped

For this way of wrapping dumplings, first place the filling in the middle, then pinch the sides, bringing them together towards the centre.

3. Crescent-shaped

For crescent-shaped dumplings, place the filling in a line in the middle and pinch it into a curved horizontal line resembling a crescent moon. Cute, right?

wrapping dumplings

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4. Twisted rope

For this way of wrapping dumplings, fold the wrapper in half and seal it together by twisting it shut, like a braided rope.

5. Braids

To make a braided dumpling, fold the dumpling inwards, repeatedly pinching it toward the centre, overlapping, in a straight line until it is fully sealed.

6. Triangular

This is one of the easiest ways to wrap dumplings. How is it done? Just two sides together, only half-covering the filling then seal the other side by bringing it toward the centre, creating a Y-shaped seal.

7. Rosebud

This lovely way of wrapping dumplings is pretty easy, too. First, wrap the dumplings as you would the “simple” way (mentioned above), but don’t use a fork to seal it. Instead, bring the two edges together so that it becomes a round pouch resembling a rosebud.

8. Cross

To make cross-shaped dumplings, take a portion of each side then seal them together so that it creates an X-shaped seal.

9. Open

This way of wrapping dumplings is one of the easiest, for sure. Just wrap them as you would cross-shaped dumplings, but instead of sealing them shut, leave them open.

Do you love wrapping dumplings? Make it even better by recreating these fun, unique shapes!

All GIFs from How to Wrap Dumplings by Flavors Youtube Channel

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