12 Asian Chefs on YouTube you should be watching

12 Asian Chefs on YouTube you should be watching12 Asian Chefs on YouTube you should be watching

Whether you like cooking or just like watching other people cook, you should do yourself a favour and subscribe to these YouTube Asian chefs.

Whether you like cooking or just like watching other people cook, you should do yourself a favour and subscribe to these YouTube Asian chefs.

Do yourself a favour and subscribe to these 12 YouTube Asian chefs!

1. Jun’s Kitchen

Jun is a Japanese cook who usually prepares traditional dishes on his channel. What makes his videos extra appealing is the regular appearance of his cat Kohaku, often seen watching Jun prepare his dishes from the vantage point of the fridge. Can anyone say “aww”?

2. Amanda Tastes

UK-based Amanda Tastes is a food blogger who likes preparing Asian favourites  like pickled vegetables and pastries with mochi. Though her videos are in Chinese, she provides English subtitles, making her recipes accessible to subscribers all over the world.

3. Ochikeron

Japan-based Ochikeron is a mother of two who started her channel to share authentic Japanese home-cooked recipes. This can be as straightforward as a gyudon recipe, but she is most known for her adorable bento boxes and too-pretty-to-eat pastries. Best part? Her recipes are pretty simple and unintimidating — perfect for the kitchen newbie.

4. Seonkyoung Longest

US-based Seonkyoung Longest showcases all kinds of Asian cuisine on her show, Asian at Home. Seonkyoung is a bubbly host who’s a delight to watch — and her recipes are legit. Seriously. Try her pad thai recipe. You won’t regret it.

5. Maangchi

Korean YouTuber Maangchi makes it her mission to share the joy of cooking and enjoying Korean cuisine, and she’s a great ambassador for the cause. With over 2 million subscribers, she has one of the most popular food channels on YouTube. Some of her most popular videos include recipes for Korean fried chicken, kimbap, kimchi, and tteokbokki (see above).

6. Feast of Fiction

Ever wondered how a Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants would taste? What about Jake’s bacon pancakes from Adventure Time? In Feast of Fiction, hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams recreate dishes from movies, TV shows, and even video games. The results are recipes that are perfect for kids — or even simply the young at heart.

7. Peaceful Cuisine

Peaceful Cuisine is a channel that lives up to its name. In it, Japanese cook Ryoya prepares vegan recipes in gorgeously shot videos. You can watch each recipe in two versions: with music, or without — all the better for that ASMR tingly goodness.

8. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Asian-American chef and food writer Kenji’s channel is full of mouth-watering recipes of hearty comfort food, ranging from mac & cheese to kung pow chicken. He also creates videos with practical tips for beginner chefs, like how to cut a cauliflower or the best way to clean sticky dough from your fingers.

9. The Dumpling Sisters

Chinese Kiwi sisters Amy & Julie Zhang’s channel is all about inspiring the world to cook and enjoy authentic Chinese (particularly Cantonese) food. They also share plenty of videos about how to shop for Asian ingredients in non-Asian countries (a challenge for anybody attempting to cook Asian food), and what kind of ingredients a newbie cook should be looking out for.

10. Kawaii Sweet World

College student Rachel Fong of Kawaii Sweet World is all about cute things, making dishes that are so adorable that it’s hard to imagine anyone ever digging in to eat them. Her channel is full of unicorns, cartoon animals, and rainbows. Our favourite, however, has got to be her Gudetama cake pops. So. Kawaii!

11. Honeysuckle

Dzung Duong’s channel is a busy mom, so her channel is full of tips to make cooking as quick and painless as possible. Apart from her recipes, you’ll find inspirational videos on how to be a girlboss, as well as parenting and DIY tips.

12. Cooking Tree

Cooking Tree makes impeccable pastries on her channel. Not only do her creations look gorgeous, each recipe video sounds insanely good as well — they’re ASMR videos, so put on your earphones and turn the volume up!

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